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1923 - Youngest Speaker of the House - L. D. Edge

Youngest Speaker of the House

1915 - Lacy Day Edge Becomes The Youngest Ever Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives

   Lacy Day Edge, son of E. E. Edge, also made noticeable accomplishments. Beginning in 1915, he represented Lake County as a state legislator and, in 1923, became the youngest ever Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives at age 25. He would also serve in the Florida Senate.

1914 - Lacy Day Edge - Speaking During His 1st Race for Member of House of Representatives

L. D. Edge (center) During the Signing of a Bill While Serving as State Representative

   Around 1898, E.E. Edge purchased the Crenshaw holdings south of Lake Louisa, and before the end of 1917 county commissioners appointed Hon. L. D. Edge, of Groveland, H. L. Johnson, and S. S. Fesler to a commission that would have charge over the preliminary work of draining the marsh.
   This is what Steve Rajtar wrote for the Groveland Mascotte Historical Trail [Note: There are some errors in the following quote *]:
   "The severe freezes in 1894-95 hurt the citrus industry, and this area of Lake County turned to turpentine. T. M. and C. C. Taylor sold their turpentine still in the southern portion of the county and went to Mascotte, planning to start tapping pine trees with a crew of black laborers. However, since Mascotte had never had a black resident, town leader Theodore Ruff refused to let the Taylors set up shop. The Taylors then followed the railroad eastward to a place they named Taylorville, and erected a still on the lot where later L. Day Edge [*E. E. Edge] built his home. His father, Elliott E. Edge, bought out the Taylors in 1899 and laid out the foundation of a town."

   Referred to as the "Father of the Department of Transportation", L. D. Edge influenced the building of Highway 50 through Groveland.

   L. D. Edge became the first mayor of Groveland when the town was incorporated in 1922.

   At E.E. Edge's death in 1934, being one of nine charter members of the First Methodist Church in Groveland, the church voted unanimously to change the name to the Edge Memorial Methodist Church in honor of his support of the church and Methodist-supported missions, including Florida Southern College.
   Constructed in 1922, the second oldest building on the campus of Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, was renamed Edge Hall in 1935 to honor E. E. Edge, who was one of the first large donors to the college.
   Edge, and his son Lacy Day Edge, were lifelong members of the church

   Following the death of his father in 1934, Lacy Day (commonly known as Day Edge) gave up his rise in politics to return home to assume the responsibilities of running the various Edge businesses.

L. D. Edge standing with the artist during portrait unveiling in Tallahassee, Florida

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